The Best Part

Today’s prompt is the best part of being Queer. I mean I don’t want to repeat yesterday exactly but it’s the people.

I felt hugely an outsider growing up, I’d guess that basically everyone has that experience in their teens, I don’t know if all nerds have it when they’re younger. I certainly did, it didn’t exactly bother me except for when it did. Then there was the Depression, that lovely Swamp of mine.

Certainly being unable to talk about being Queer with my parents increased some of that sense of Other. And absolutely I’ve mostly embraced it now but the sensation changed when encountering other people who weren’t straight.

To an extent there’s simply a change in how I’m othered, not always but certainly when I was younger being bisexual in lesbian spaces wasn’t totally welcomed. But there’s a lack of heteronormativity that I utterly embrace and that feels very welcoming.

Just walking into a queer space, especially a queer women’s space, is such a relaxing and relieving thing.

The best bit about being Queer is that I’m Queer.

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