Something I Collected As A Child

I collected postcards. I stopped because I was running out of places to put them but I think I’d quite like to start again. I like pictures that indicate places. I also think I’m happier with the notion of putting things into display books rather than needing everything to be up on a wall so I can see it.

I’ve realised lately the likely reason why I got started, having gone to a couple of theme parks with The Princess and family. The easiest way of distracting a child in a gift shop is to tell them to choose a specific kind of thing that is cheap.

I also recall really liking post when it was for me and seeing the pictures from different places probably has a certain amount of influence over my liking to travel.

Though I didn’t mind the funny and/or sentimental drawn picture postcards I always preferred the photos of the places they were from and I still do. Postcards should be souvenirs of the places they are from to my mind.

I thought, when I began writing this entry, that I would be saying that is a long time since I received a postcard but weirdly enough it’s actually not been that long. If NS Boobs goes somewhere interesting then she often sends me a postcard. At least one of hers had contained some very fit men on it which probably accurately describes the tenor of our friendship. I deliberately asked Tiny Blonde Keener to send me a postcard back from Canada, which she did.

Perhaps I shall start collecting postcards again, or at any rate asking friends to send them when they go away. They are surprisingly good fun.

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