A Few of my Favourite Things

I frequently feel guilty for having favourite ‘things’, collecting often seems to be a symptom of hideous capitalist consumption, yet here I am, my house full of things. In the case of anything Hello Kitty and Pusheen related that’s definitely the type of consumption I don’t like and yet there they hang around me in my Bunny Cave keeping me happy.

Speaking of things that surround me though, across the room from me is one of my very favourite things which I made. My broomstick. Once one of Mum’s ‘How much?’ tree’s, a miniature willow that cost quite a lot by Dad’s standards. When it died, which I think was due to dehydration or possibly a spectacularly hot summer, I cut it down, sawed it up and created a broomstick. That broomstick has been decorated this year for Beltane and last year for Samhain. It is absolutely one of my favourite things.

The kotatsu also in the front room, which I bought in Japan, is another one of my favourite things, a piece of furniture that has travelled with me 6000 miles and warms my feet gently in winter.

I suppose I could say that my stuffed rabbit was one of my favourite things too but he’s not a thing.

The leaf that The Jellicle got me from Ikea is one of my favourite things definitely, it makes my little cave somewhere that I like to go, slightly separate from the rest of the living room.

I think that covers most of the things that I like without getting into photos, that are items that remind me of times rather than things in and of themselves.

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