Gods I Love Annie

I don’t think I have ever loved and admired a celebrity (she is kinda) in such a full body way than I have Annie Sprinkle. Even way back when I was determined to prove her wrong about there being eight types of orgasm (spoilers – I failed, who’d have thought a former sex-worker and pornstar almost thirty years older than me would’ve known more about sex than a twenty year old) I had such a crush on everything she was doing.

I love when she occasionally trips into the mainstream and she was as confused by Alison Hammond as Alison was by her. Annie was expecting the type of morning TV abuse as you get in America (I follow her social media) and Alison and her co-presenter were clearly expecting Annie and Beth (I also love Beth) to be less intelligent and more novelties than they of course were.

Alison is mad enough to shout that she’s ecosexual on morning TV and Annie looked delightfully confused about it. Then the pair of them flashed the illustrations for their book (and I am once again confronted by the fact that I need to buy her books).

I’ve largely dismissed being ecosexual, but maybe I’m forty with a fairly ordinary sex life and the woman almost thirty years my senior still knows better.

Perhaps I need to go out for a bit of a hike and take my clothes off – in the summer though I think.

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