Thirteen Hours of Talisman

I’m feeling quite chuffed with myself today, chuffed and exhausted! I signed up to Sands Challenge 13 this year. When I was asking what I should do, previously I’ve usually swum over the course of a month until getting to thirteen miles (although previous years it’s been fifteen or fourteen) The Riddling Gatekeeper suggested boardgaming. The obvious boardgame for that is Talisman my weirdest boardgame love affair.

We were supposed to do this earlier in the year but having COVID put paid to that. In anycase I, Hatman, Ex-Gardnerian and Man of Taste played Talisman for 13 hours (until 2am) and raised over £200 for Sands. I also discovered that Youtube only autorecords a little under twelve hours! But the stream is here; and if you’d like to donate to my fundraising page on JustGiving that’s still open.

Ugh, next I decided to do some LARP today. Much caffeine is in my future.

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