My Favourite Quiltbag Content Creators

Ok I’m doing new prompts for this pride month. I did two years with the previous ones, and I’m starting with my favourite content creators. I’m not sure I like the term content creators by the way, I’m pretty sure artists covers all bases… but in anycase.

Over on instagram I follow the Uncle Davids, the wonderful pair who agreed to be the gay uncles that the internet needed. They’re always hugely upbeat and just utterly delightful.
I also follow a large number of drag queens, my favourites are Tayce, Ellavaday and Bimini Bom Boulash.

I’m a huge fan of Annie Sprinkle still and she and her partner are releasing books and working on ecosexuality, combing sexuality with activism in a way that I’m utterly in awe of.

A bi artist I know, who provided the paintwork for my massage therapy business, is Sammi Searle and they can be found over here and on Etsy. I guess I generally think of them as being a pagan artist but they do fit into the Quiltbag so I think they count here. Oh whilst I’m thinking of artists that I know personally and quite like I’m going to mention Beth Dooner who I started off enjoying the photography of but then started to like their illustrations too.

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