I have a boyfriend again. The concept of it is a bit, sort of confusing to me I guess. But it’s good, I’m sort of almost meditating on the idea of it and coming up with a level of contentment that I wouldn’t have expected a couple of years ago.

The Fae Ref spent the weekend up here with me and we hung out, sketched together, visited an art gallery with paintings inspired by mythology and folklore and went out to dinner. Dinner was great because we talked about food which we’re both into, he took photos of his – it was at The Quarterhouse so well worth it.

I’m enjoying how calming he is and how kind. As with all my partners his patience is notable. It was just such a nice simple weekend, I enjoyed holding hands with him and talking. I could talk with him forever and I really like that.

Today we had brunch at The Whaletail again (which is what we did the first time he visited) and saw Blackhurst Swainson looking very happy over his own brunch. Sitting in the Whaletail and just talking is one of my favourite things to do with him because it’s something we’ve kind of always done but he’s usually been the other side of a text conversation so when he’s here in person it feels extra special.

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