Birthday Celebration

I wasn’t really feeling my birthday this year. I had planned to have dinner with my partners. All of them meeting each other. Then to rent a place with my Welsh partners to just hang in, to make some art in, and then… we broke up instead.

I couldn’t share with them and so I’ve just felt so unenthusiastic about basically everything. Well I put my big girl knickers on , pulled on a dress, put on some slap and had a birthday with cocktails and chat.

FJ, The Teenage Boy, The Girl with Golden Hair, Blue Cat, Goth Boyf, Thé Mighty Q and The Medeival Bride all came out and whilst it wasn’t wild or hugely vibing I did begin to feel a little better than I have done in a while. Because after all, the super-power of a Mish is having friends.

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