I Like to Drive

If I ever make it as an author it’s going to be because I drive a lot, all my best ideas come whilst driving. I’m not entirely sure that makes me safe on a motorway but I’m going to hope so.

Possibly I’m too introspective or maybe this is going to be how I make it through this year financially… yeah I’m heading to London, money is on my mind right now. I’m finally doing what FJ said I ought to do when we were in Peru and setting up a Patreon. It’s only taken the concerted efforts of the Jellicle, FJ, Beautiful Lute and my trauma therapy group to get this anywhere close to up and running.

In anycase, London and then from London to a vampire LARP at the end of the week. Being new places with new people is always good for me and I haven’t been to London since 2019? 2018? When I was working and had a date with a guy in a sushi bar and he was delighted to discover I was impressed by the act of opening Japanese lemonade bottles. I like simple things and there’s a joy in the mechanical process of such carbonation.

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