I made a lot of promises at the solstice about living authentically because last year all the best things happened when I was as completely myself as I could be.

  1. I want to lose the weight I need to and for every stone I lose I will reward myself with a tattoo. (Tattoos as rewards really worked last year)
  2. I will do some yoga once a day, whether that is simply standing in Mountain Pose or managing some asanas, full sun salute and meditation or whatever I can manage. (Last year I did this except when I was unwell, I want to try meditation when I’m unwell this year).
  3. I will write everyday. (Not quite last year but almost)
  4. I will complete the Home Organisation Challenge run by Basket of Lemons (Failed this one last year.)
  5. The end of year meme always asks me to describe my fashion style, well I’m going to be 41 this year, I’m calling it – my style this will be – “how cute is my butt in this?”
Starting with hot pants on New Years Day

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