A Park in the Rain

Breathing to now, it’s a technique from therapy, you keep your eyes on a specific place and you breathe, box breathing. I did it in a park in the rain today. The reason you’re supposed do the exercise is to synch you up with what’s actually happening, the premise was you’re supposed to be able to do it to prevent panic attacks. Well my panic attacks are massive disassociation rather than actual panic attacks and it works pretty well for them too.

It’s a really lovely park, I sat on a specific bench in the rain, the last time I was on the bench it was surprisingly sunny. There were less animals this time around, lots of ducks and geese and I had a walk around later. I don’t understand how something can be simultaneously so painful, sad, happy and strengthening, but it is.

There’s a lot of feelings but I liked being in the park, I’m not eating brilliantly at the moment but I’m hopefully going to get a poached egg there at some point.

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