A Match Made in Sarvos

My first Empire event of the year. I was originally looking forwards to it, a chance to get out and do things, get into Empire without my Welsh partners being there. Then – everything seems to have gone wrong and I’m not in a great headspace.

The Jellicle made me jewellery especially for this event but I managed to leave it at home which has made me sad. I keep wanting to message Beautiful Lute about my costume and I can’t. My head is all over the place.

I did luck out when it comes to hotels to stay in, I’ve been booking my place in Glasgow through one of those offer sites and I got a last minute booking down here for twenty five quid. Which if I’d booked with breakfast would have gone right up to forty… yeah no thanks I’m not paying that for a coffee.

I have discovered lately that although I stress eat when I’m sad in a specific way I stop eating. So food is something I’m struggling with right now – luckily the food at the event was pretty good. Also luckily CodeKitty saw me and basically hung out through the whole event and her character had a date with the cicisbeo that Liissá got set up with at The Printers Guild Ball so that was fun.

I probably didn’t go roleplay with enough people in the gaps between the courses, also I struggled to get anything romantic going with either of my dinner partners which was likely down to me desperately trying not to dissociate at the drop of a hat.

CodeKitty did make everything fun and the Photographic Magistrate was nice as well. So it was a good gentle reintroduction to Empire in a scenario where I wasn’t going to be reminded about the things that weren’t happening (not making special midnight cake or a vegan breakfast burrito for example).

I was a little less connected than I wanted to be and there were slightly more reminders than I’d expected of the last time we were together. It hurts more than I wish it did.

The event itself was a nice excuse for conversation with people I wouldn’t normally meet. I managed to blank on my explanation of Virtue Massage which was frustrating. My brain is running off in far too many directions. The best bit of the event was definitely sending silly notes to other tables. I say silly there were suggestive notes, flirtatious ones, at least one instance of “Have you been in an oxcart accident that wasn’t your fault?” and the whole gamut.

The performances at the end were something I wish I’d prepared for, Liissá keeps wanting to be a scop, it would have been good if I could have got her up there. Although a lot of the others were singing which I wouldn’t have been able to do and poetry might not have gone down well as too much of a contrast.

I think it’s the sort of event it might be fun to go to again in the right headspace. I’m struggling to maintain my equilibrium more than I thought.

I do need to redo my Empire leg tattoos though, CodeKitty pointed out they held the outfit together and it’s my “Liissá having nice clothes” outfit.

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