Animal Protagonists

(I mean I guess content warning for Stray but really not spoilers)

The Jellicle and I picked up Stray to play ‘together’ (at the same time). It’s great fun pretending to be a cat… I loved the little tutorial but where I was running through the overgrown area with my cat buddies and I was mewing and purring and playing. Then of course the actual game started with bad things happening to my four pawed self.

So far my kitty hasn’t died because I am not enjoying the stressful situations when the robots attack my cat. I don’t know how I’ll fair as I go further in the game but so far I’m enjoying solving puzzles by being a little dickish cat and knocking shit off any surface I can get to. Also I cannot stop myself from mewing at the little cameras and the robots. I was feeling bad about that but it’s just too much fun to fuck around as a cat, unless I’m getting chased by things.

I’m really looking forwards to Peace Island as a chance to cat about without conflict at this point. I think it’s the fact that I’m not anthropomorphic, when I played Scout of Redwall I found being hurt as a cute little mouse pretty stressful but I was a cute illustration on my hind legs with a rapier. Even if I was using scent to avoid the rats and such it wasn’t as animal as Stray is.

I definitely like having an animal protagonist because I really like being a cat and ignoring the game, but I definitely am finding getting an animal hurt way more intense than even getting the teenagers in Oxenfree hurt.

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