White Day

Honestly living in Japan was basically a gift to being poly. A whole extra day of romance! Normally I luck out and I’ve given gifts to The Jellicle on Valentines so I get something lovely today – not so this year though! I wasn’t well and was alone in the house while the Jellicle was looking after The Imp so she stopped over with flowers!

I love receiving flowers, it’s lovely to get them and I love sending them too though I usually end up sending living plants to most people these days.

I ended up having lunch with Weasel today and talking about relationships and romance over fried purple gnocchi.

The thing about having had a relationship whilst not having worked through trauma does mean that my emotions were stunted but also, I’m still greyromantic – I don’t fall in love easily and I absolutely do roll with where I find myself. I am somewhere else emotionally now, for one thing I’m not convinced me being in any relationship is a great idea right now but luckily The Jellicle and M-i-L are being incredibly supportive and kind to my somewhat battered self right now.

My sense of romance with the Jellicle involves chips and Drag Race and walking through the Lakes. It’s still romance even if it’s not flowers and poetry, and you know she gets poetry.

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