Birthday Party

One thing I do like about going to my niblings birthday parties is I essentially get to LARP as a perfectly normal person. I got asked if the Tiny Yokai was mine several times, I was amused.

I also got to wear my dinosaur dress and it was excellent fun, I need a better bra that works under it though. The Smol Dragon eventually noticed it but given I was the only grown up to dress to the theme (I mean really – what was wrong with the rest of them!) basically all of the other grown ups did mention it.

I liked watching the three of the Princess’s children playing together before the rest of the party arrived, I do hope they keep enjoying playing together, there were a few moment of serious idyllic right there. I’ve no idea what having two siblings is like but it looked fun.

I find it weird the level of credit some people give me, mostly on Facebook so it’s not like it really counts, for helping The Princess sort out parties and such. Why wouldn’t I? She has three kids, I don’t have any and she’s the only person other than The Jellicle Cat who can tell me what I want to drink or eat at any given moment and she has a higher success rate.

The thing I like most about LARPing as having a normal life is that it’s nice to visit but it’s better to get back to my nest of weird. The Princess is doing normal in an excellent way but I still want to avoid a lot of it. Fun to pretend sometimes though.

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