Jewellery and Me

I like to wear jewellery, one thing that really cheered me up during the pandemic was wearing jewellery.

This bracelet started out life as a tourist trinket for evil eye averting in Greece:

At some point during the pandemic I was wearing a pentacle, a St Christopher and this evil eye bracelet to the extent that it eventually broke spilling my evil eye beads everywhere. When The Jellicle offered to fix it for me she filled it full of those things. It went from a little bit of evil eye aversion to full of it.

I might have been showering twice a day (at least) and changing my clothes in the hall but I am not averse to a little superstition and a lot of magic. I was putting off feeling like I was going to die and this bracelet helped me feel safe. It still does.

These are the three necklaces that are in most rotation right now. The turquoise is one that Dad brought me back from The Grand Canyon, I didn’t wear it for ages and then I paired it with my red dress and fell in love with how turquoise as a colour looks on me. At the moment I’m wearing it a lot with my yellow dress from Swansea and bright pink Snag tights. I love all the colours all at once.

The rose quartz is the last Christmas present that Weasel bought me as my boyfriend, I’m very fond of it these days but it took me a while before I would wear it, I needed it to be it’s own thing rather than a memory of our relationship. It’s a beautiful rose quartz now.

The triple snake necklace is the piece that The Fae Ref had commissioned for he, Beautiful Lute and I. It was designed by all of us and wearing it makes me feel those moments last summer when we were loved and when we loved. It feels real to wear it. These are my truth snakes and they keep my Swamp at bay.

My beautiful Jellicle Cat is very good at beadwork and she made me this bracelet for my Empire LARP character, Liissá Sigeing, I’ve worn it a couple of times outside of the character. I love wearing the things she’s made me.

It strikes me that the majority of these bits n pieces are gifts. These earrings are no exception. I love hares, for me hares are magical shape shifting animals. They are the witch’s other self, the one she transforms into to escape and save herself. M-i-L gave me these earrings for my birthday this year and I love them.

When we took Mum to Glastonbury last year we went round a shop which had all kinds of things made out of twisted wire. I really loved all the artwork there and when I wasn’t looking The Jellicle snuck back and bought me a pair of earrings. I love them.

I don’t wear these too often, they’re character earrings that The Jellicle made for my Empire character and they make me smile when I see them. She’s really good at beadwork.

The other jewellery I wear a great deal of are hoops any hoops and earrings generally but individually they aren’t as special as these pieces. I also haven’t included my various religious necklaces but I generally wear those less on the daily.

It’s all about the way these things make me feel and the way they make me smile.

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