I’ve got to admit I’m pretty impressed when it comes to gaming my brain. The last time I was here I did yoga every morning before the game started, so yesterday I stashed my yoga stuff in the same room as I used for it last time. (I am lacking a beautiful Spanish roleplayer doing yoga at the same time this weekend though). So I’m getting up and going to do my asanas in a way I’ve already done and am familiar with. I’m hoping that this is a bit of a reset for my yoga habit.

This morning I absolutely played a Mish standard, another brain gaming not needing to think much about the character and just going for the smuttiest options available. The game was Wedding Bells and the dramatic moments were randomly assigned by card draw. My character went from drunken woo girl best friend of the bride working in sales to reformed believer in deeper truths after the bar manager she copped off with died when she was in his bed. In the epilogue I decided she’d been heavily fined and then run off to Somerset to start a cult.

No need to really think too hard just do, make everything routine. I have a horrible feeling this may be a type of dissociation now I’ve written it down like that. Not sure though.

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