90s Party

It was Wrong Mike and Rabbit Girl’s joint 40th birthday party tonight and it was 80s/90s themed. Rather than wear something that I would have worn in the 90s (which is what Goat was wearing – combats and plaid) I opted to take some inspiration from the last time I got gussied up for a 90s themed event. After all I wanted to dance so Fairyland was clearly a great inspiration.

It was too hot for the PVC skirt that Shazza wore so I did tights and hot pants and then discovered I could fit into my denim jacket and so double denimed. I was very happy that I could wear the denim jacket because the last time I tried I absolutely could not!

I was pretty happy with the look albeit it was rather 90s via Pinterest rather than necessarily authentic. It was good to dance with Princess Lex and the Girl with the Golden Hair again.

Spent some time outside chatting with Goat and FJ and feeling nicely adrift in time. Ended up leaving pretty early because I’m too ill and tired to spend forever on a dancefloor.

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