(Content Warning – Discussion of mental health and ASD)

The time before this one that I was in therapy and the first time I went into Sertraline was all to do with dulled emotional responses or emotional responses in the wrong places. Well therapy this time around has me thinking that something linked is going on again/still.

People misattributing my emotional response. I’m used to having an awful poker face (unless I’m really playing poker in which case it’s not that bad) but of late people have been assuming I’m feeling things I’m not. Asking if I’m bored at exciting moments, assuming I’m angry or sad when I’m pretty sure I’m not.

It doesn’t help that I’m only reconnecting with my emotions recently so I’ve been questioning if I’m really feeling what other people think I am. However, when they’re so completely at odds with what I think I feel I can only conclude that that poker face has gone completely off piste.

The benumbed emotions have largely I think gone, but something in the expression of them has gone haywire.

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