Day 23 – An LGBT image that makes you cry or makes you angry

Ok this one I thought I was going to pick a universal image and get political or angry. I really don’t want to though, the current mess regarding trans guidance to schools in the UK is really upsetting me.

So one that makes me cry then;

This is one of the Uncle Davids. From the surviving Uncle David’s Instagram account.

During the pandemic I and millions of others saw The Doorway to Imagination and discovered the men who created it were a lovely gay couple who offered to be our internet uncles.

Well everyone needs some gay uncles, I still miss my Gay Godfathers, so I have followed the Uncle Davids since. And gave to Uncle David’s choir in memoriam after he passed.

So that’s why seeing Uncle David makes me tear up. Because I got to know these two in that weird online pandemic kind of way and they were everything I ever wanted gay elders to be.

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