Why I am Feeling Guilty About the Memes

Ok, so after yesterday I felt kind of bad about enjoying the memes, because I’m not viewing five people (yes, I looked it up) who are trapped in a truly awful situation as being people. Well today I’m feeling even worse because I absolutely am realising that at least one is a person I can identify with.

One of the damned billionaires brought his son along for the ride, who by all acounts went to please his Dad. The kid is only nineteen and I cannot even fathom at what point his Dad, a Titanic obsessive, thought it would be a good idea to take him along. The risk is just so far and away above anything reasonable. But then i suppose that’s it really, just as I can’t really fathom what it is to be a billionaire, because a billion pounds or dollars or whatever is so far and away from what I can conceive of I guess this guy couldn’t really fathom how dangerous the trip he wanted to take his son on was.

All I can think of is this nineteen year old deciding to please his Dad and now he’s scared somewhere at the bottom of the ocean hoping that the air doesn’t run out. I really hope he makes it, but again my concept of billionaires has them choosing to eat the kid rather than let themselves die. Not that cannibalism is going to cause more air to suddenly appear (although it does occur to me that one person can survive for longer than five people), it’s manipulated thoughts in a way I suppose, probably influenced by the real life vampire more than anyone else.

The whole thing is awful.

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