I started blogging in 2003. I was introduced to it as a concept of keeping your diary online and throughout my (somewhat spotty) fourteen year history of blogging that is what it has been for me. It’s my diary online.

I’ve been criticised a lot in the past for just writing about my life, after all I’m not a celebrity, my thoughts are not always that interesting, even if you’re friends with me. Why aren’t I writing a ‘proper blog’? Usually in that context a proper blog means one that’s a citizen journalist type affair or specifically concentrating on a particular subject that the blogger at least considers themselves an expert in.

I diarise. This is my diary, it’s out here in public because theres a thread that goes through my artwork as well as my philosophy of life. Either everything is art or nothing is. Either everything is worthy or nothing is. The smallest life has a place out here on the web even if no one reads it. I like to write a diary and I like to live out here, where anyone can see. Being a cam-girl was more than just living rent-free and making a bit of cash to me, it was a way of life.

I guess after all that I’m just as pretentious as the Mummy-bloggers who consider themselves experts on child development the week after having a kid.

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