Slept For DAYS!

I have pretty much just slept for two days straight, pretty much the only reason I got up today was work. The Boss needed a prescription picked up (technically I’m on holiday from them but available in emergencies) and The Magic Fan needed some socialising.

I tried out Magic the Gathering Unstable for the first time, it’s hilarious, really works as a Christmassy silly game.

Of course I like me some tragic horror for my Christmas games and to that end I’m trying out Ten Candles again. Weasel, FJ, the Jellicle and I are playing through the Armistice module (which given the festive Doctor Who feels very Seasonal).

The fatigue has pretty much killed me over the hosting and food and stuff with the Jellicle being too ill to help. But I’m gradually getting back to it. Almost up and doing.

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