Wednesday’s are one of my favourite days of the week. I get to see MiL (assuming she or I haven’t flaked due to ill health or gaming commitments, seriously those are the two things we most often do instead).

Lately we’ve been playing Seven Days to Die together which has been fun as she and I approach games very differently. I find it strange somehow that I am a better melee fighter than she is but not at all strange that she is awesome with ranged weapons.

Tonight I got to introduce her to Dark, a German show on Netflix, due to my taste being… well, she would say dubious, I say appreciative of kitsch… I rarely get to introduce her to things she enjoys. Tonight was a rare and wonderful exception to that. Dark is a nicely interesting show as well, though she did slightly spoiler herself by finding a family tree online to follow who was related to who.

As ever I talked too much throughout – I cannot help but throw out theories and Dark’s insistence that time is not linear has me back in Cornish Bloke’s library realising that time was a green expanding sphere. Can’t wait to talk more about it with her, she’s quicker than I am to get the point of a lot of things and rewatching the first few episodes made me realise how well set up the plot/s were.

Wednesday’s are the best days.

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