This is New

Day One of a two day visit to a Spa with my Mum. I’ve been here before, over ten years ago but at least then it was me, M-I-L and Mum and there was no over night stay.

This comes after the awkward moment in France earlier this year when Mum got as far as saying she felt I kept things from her before other people came and interrupted.

In my head I replied that yes of course I kept things from her because the two people in the world that I am not out to are the two people I tried to come out to the longest. But so far no awkward conversations just saunas and jacuzzis and other things that don’t take much thought.

Other than my being queer, which I don’t honestly think will come up (the woman spent my late teens and early twenties being utterly dedicated to not noticing after all), the only thing she might get exposed to is my fatigue. I definitely freaked out The Princess last week as I think she saw how tired I can get for the first time. Quite honestly this is hilarious to me as neither Mum nor the Princess have come close to seeing me when I’ve been really ill.

Given that we’ve already talked about M-I-L and FJ and Mum brought them both up I doubt poly is going to come up at all. I’ll be interested to see if she does broach what she started to ask in France or if she chickens out. Who knows I might actually answer her without threat of interruption from external randoms and I don’t think she really wants that to happen.

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