A Date

I have to admit to having a strange relationship with dating. Partly that’s because I’m poly but more and more I suspect it’s because I find it very easy to know if I want to shag someone and a lot less easy to know how to go about ‘dating’.

But then it occurs to me, I’m usually the proactive one in my lovelife (I use the term ‘love’ loosely). I can think of only a few people who made the first move, mostly it’s been more of a messy both moving in the same way sort of thing. Usually though, especially with men, it’s me suggesting often quite unromantic and simple things like “I have a bed in that direction.” I have been pretty happy with the results and it wouldn’t have occurred to me to think about dating.

Then the Selfie King asked me to have dinner with him, specifically as a date. In fact he actually had to say he definitely meant and wanted that. My reaction was quite surprising, to me at least. I was high as a kite, I planned gel nails, a new dress, hairstyle, makeup, the absolute works. I’ve mentioned to The Jellicle that we should probably try the going out on a date thing given quite how gaga it made me. (Normally our dates are low effort takeaway and movies).

Being surprised by someone isn’t something that I would have thought I liked but I think it’s the unexpected positive attention that has just made me stupidly happy.

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