Things I Do to Keep Sane

I did not sleep well last night. Got to sleep in good time and then at oneish the Jellicle thinks I might be awake so calls out at my door to see. I didn’t get back to sleep for another three hours.

8:30 sharp I’m making breakfast and on the local discord server “morning bus commute”.

7 and it’s the formal evening chat where we talk about the news and check in to see if anyone needs something or if anyone is offering anything.

I chair the Thursday evening chat and it’s mostly me announcing various arts things and cheering bits and pieces. Mostly because I haven’t heard the news.

I like the regularity of it. It’s a rhythm to the day. I think I’m being more sociable than usual for me. Phone calls and FaceTimed lunches, far more sociable than a normal week. Today I u-turned a car to chat to Arg Mike and Excellent Lesbian face to face outside Spar. Face times are all very well but my gods the need for face to face.

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