Manchester Singalong

Ok I don’t live in Manchester but I did rather enjoy the All Together One Voice concert this evening. They picked some good songs and it had the feel of some of Folkestone Pagans COVID lockdown rituals, I mean I felt like I was participating with others as a community.

I guess I’m surprised by the community feel of the act of singing along and I really shouldn’t be. How much of my social life has been karaoke or carol singing?

Music is a huge part of my life and always has been. I often can’t carry a note but I really enjoy those who can. There’s something that keys straight into the soul within music and the act of singing with others. I suspect it’s probably one of those activities that makes the people in a choir sync their brainwaves. No idea if it would do the same with a socially distanced choir but perhaps it does. Maybe that’s why the pagan rituals where there’s been singing have felt so powerful.

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