July and Victorian Mourning

No Remote Pride prompt today, it feels weird.

I’m missing my Dad. The Princess, Mum and I discussed gravestones today and looked at what we wanted written on Dad’s. There’s some other memorials we talked about too.

Mum cried, I didn’t, quite. The Princess is less bothered by grave markers than she is by other things so she was pretty much ok. The Bonsai Kaiju has sent me and Aunty Jellicle Cat a card apparently to cheer us up so I’m excited to see what comes.

My French Sister-in-Law sent me a picture of her baby bump, it’s been very family today, which is nice but tinged with sad.

Britney and Mum were trying to have grown up insurance conversation whilst The Princess and I compared cooking techniques, I found it quite funny. Dad would’ve been frustrated.

My concentration is always shot on days when I’m sad about Dad. According to the Victorians I should still be in mourning black.

Have a song that is making me and Mum cry instead.

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