Running On Empty

Is it geting better? I have no idea, but this constant assessment of risk is beginning to get to me. I deliberately went into a coffee shop the other day on my lunch break. Yes absolutely it was stupid…sort of, there was me and the barista in the whole place. But I just need to do something stupid or I am going to snap, I am not built to be continuously sensible, not even close, and I am really stuggling now. I’m very snappy with people and quick to misunderstand.

Everytime I get back up it seems there’s more to just slap me back down. And I keep disappointing my nephews which feels very bad.

I think this moan is actually coming at the start of me crawling hand over hand, belly slit open by whatever is under this broken glass vaguely upwards.

There was a lizard in M-i-L’s house, that’s got to be a good omen right?

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