Tonight DS Luke came over for dinner.

There was a risk assessment beforehand, and he did an LFT, but The Jellicle and Imp agreed it was probably less risky than… well the entirety of my job.

I made lasagne, a tricolore that wasn’t perfectly achieved, three types of cheese, yoghurt in the béchamel and my lemon juice and nutmeg accents. DS Luke was pleasantly appreciative which gives me a nice sense of achievement.

More than that though, hosting made me get up off my ass, not being able to have someone in my house has been harder than I realised. Suddenly being able to have someone for dinner energised me, whether that was the thrill of novelty or simply that the act of hosting is really so important to my psyche and sense of self I can’t tell.

What I do know is seeing my friend, cooking for him, spending the evening with him has given me a sense of energy and agency that I have been utterly lacking.

I have missed this so much and I hope that I can do it again.

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