My Jubilee Weekend

(Content Warning: I’m talking about sex and specifics about my sex life)

I think the word I want to describe my mood right now is probably jubilant. Jubilant definitely feels right and I’m almost certain it’s got a similar root as jubilee…nope I just checked and it’s similar sounding Latin that’s apparently confusing me. In any case I’m happy.

I went away for the four day bank holiday for the Queen reigning for 70 years. I’m not sure you can say I celebrated her reign exactly, I mean, part of me would kinda like to know how she’d feel about a celebratory threesome or several. But I really wasn’t thinking about her for – basically any of the weekend.

The Fae Ref had a birthday. So he, I and Beautiful Lute headed to a cottage in Wales to make art, cook food, watch sunsets and, as it turned out, have quite a lot of sex.

It was a weirdly reflexive experience, I’m sure only for me, pretty sure most people are there in the moment when they’re having a threesome but yours truly gets philosophical.

I think the idea that threesomes are rare is probably not actually that true. Even triad relationships get solid mentions across history and cultures, I mean come on there’s a whole French phrase for a ménage a trois, this isn’t a rare thing. It’s possible though that I’ve had more than most people? Or maybe this is one of those things, like being bisexual, it’s something that some people just are? I’m a threesome person?

Like there’s that moment of ‘I feel so comfortable right now’ about three people being together that I feel. I mean, don’t get me wrong I’ve had bad three way sex and three people don’t always work… I’m pretty sure that I’m the only one of us looking back fondly when it comes to FFG and Giggles for example, but there’s just something about the dynamic between three people that just makes me feel incredibly happy. Reason #3061 why dear reader, you don’t want to have sex with me; I’m there laying in a bed thinking about how lovely this is and feeling the echoes of several dozen other sexual experiences flow through me.

There’s something I like about having metamours, when you’re in love with the same person and you can plan things for them and enjoy being with them with someone else and I feel that but in a much more sexual way when it comes to three ways. There’s just something that feels so completely whole-making when it comes to having sex with someone with someone else.

I sometimes joke about how having to share with my sister or watching Sesame Street when I was a kid has ended up with me being polyamorous because it just feels so godsdamned good to share these emotions and experiences, however I’ve got to conclude that I’m just built this way because you gotta admit most kids have to share with their siblings and there’s a lot of us watched Sesame Street.

So is this something I do or something I am? Who knows? But I do know I feel more myself since this jubilee weekend than I have in a while.

We cooked together, we painted and we each made garlic bread and did yoga and the whole thing just felt so good and full of Mish things that were actually Fae Ref things that were actually Beautiful Lute things that I don’t have proper words for it. What I am though is Jubilant which has nothing to do with a Jubilee. I’m very happy that the Queen reached 70 years on her throne because I got to spend a long birthday weekend in Wales with two wonderful people doing wonderful things.

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