Dame Vivienne Westwood died today. I suspect the fact that that matters to me is going to hit a bit weird for people who don’t know either about the fact I love Lolita fashion or her influence upon it. EGL is punk, hell all of Lolita is punk, it’s rebellion in a distinctly feminine form. Don’t believe me? How annoyed do people get when someone is being extra-cute? When there are added frills and fripperies? So angry. It’s a rebellion. And it meshed so well with all things Westwood.

I haven’t really been able to get into Christmas this year, not in the way I usually do, not in the way that I enjoy. But it’s not been becuase my people have died. Friends are facing the festive season without their loved ones through unexpected deaths. They’re facing the death of children which is the absolute worst this year. There’s deep grief and mourning this year and here I am grieving a possible future, mourning a fashion icon.

Grief and emotions, they’re strange things and everyone feels so much this time of year. I think this time of year has always been the easiest I’ve been able to access certain joys and types of emotion. I’m not alone in that, that’s what makes the grief so sharp over Yule. That’s what makes the mourning quite so felt.

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