Not Well

I called in sick to work this morning, at least partly because of the weird (wyrd?) episode I had on Tuesday. Immediately I did so I felt guilty, pulling a sicky when you work one to one with disabled people is absolutely not on.

Then I couldn’t get out of bed. Not in a Depression way or an ASD/ADHD way but in a pure fatigue way. I was Tired. I have a horrible feeling that if I had attempted to work then that would have hit as we were on the motorway.

Maybe it was a premonition on Tuesday, a subconscious acknowledgement of my physical state, that I wasn’t going to be physically up to today. So I didn’t pull a sicky whatever I thought this morning, I was actually not well enough to work. Hopefully resting up today has restored me to wherever it is I need to be. Or at least close. I have more hospital appointments next week to check up on all the excess cortisol in my system. Maybe there’s less of it now or at any rate I hope so.

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