The way I understand the world is relational. I don’t think that’s a word. The way I understand what’s happening in the world around me is by understanding what context things are in. Something is seen only in relation to other things, relation to time, to space, to people.

If someone asks a question like “how old are you” the chances are high that I will answer not by saying “41” but by saying how much younger or older I am than the speaker. My entire sense of self is seen in relation to my surroundings, to the context that I find myself in. Not that I am in my self mutable but certainly I emphasise certain parts of myself depending on who I am with, or I contrast the other parts of myself.

I’m thinking about my relational understanding when it comes to love, I like to talk about being in love, and I like to talk about other people being in love with the people I am. I find it increases the amount of love in the room. I really like being with two other people, I suspect I might find more also good but I do wonder if it would get overwhelming or confusing?

On Thursdays I go over to M-i-L’s. I think I’m going to call it our datenight, I think that’s the right term. Frequently I see Chibi Laura because she’s the housemate but often we’ll eat with FJ, in fact it frequently is that I and FJ alternate the cooking. Former relationships that could be supposed to make this weird aside, I like the energy, I like having a good relationship with the other person who loves her, I like that we make each other food and enjoy her being with us. It’s loving and it feels good.

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