Day 13 – Your favorite LGBT role model/celebrity. 

My favourite Queer role model/celebrity… I’ve written pretty earnestly in previous years about Queer Icons and mentors both celebrity and otherwise.

I love the fact that the queer family are so spread across the celebrity world and no longer in that funnysexual sort of way.

Yeah I love RuPaul for getting Queer out and visible in this capitalist society of ours but he’s not my favourite celebrity. I’ve mentioned Queens from his shows, Symone for her political awareness, but realistically I love Vanjie for her unabashed messiness. The thing is despite Drag Queens importance to the Quiltbag they aren’t my favourite celebrities.

I toyed with Sandi Toxvig because she’s hilarious and has been being funny and visible my whole life. I really wanted to mention a queer woman.

The thing is, the celebrity I love most, who has an impact on my own understanding of my sexuality, remains Freddy Mercury for all he died when I was ten. So maybe not a role model except for the way he just plain embraced life but I love him and his voice still.

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