Day 16 – A picture from your first LGBT relationship or of your first LGBT crush

How are we defining relationship here? Because I was very definitely calling things when I was in my ethical slut phase not Relationships. I think the Jellicle might be my first proper girlfriend cause M-I-L have only been together for ten years (this week).

But then if we define relationship as being together rather than label you put on it then I think we’re looking at the Naiad or Giggles. I don’t think I have a picture of my first crush from school, my second or third yes probably do but I’m not posting someone’s teenage picture on my blog on the grounds I happened to crush on them in school.

In any case. Some very blurry photos from my early adulthood rather than my somewhat cringe mid-adolescence.

Aged about 19 when The Naiad was my lover
Aged about 21 in my first real Triple with FFG & Giggles

I think the Jellicle was the first person I used the term girlfriend about so have a picture of us too.

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