My Bottle Garden

Sometime in 2008 I stopped Dom (Princess Lex’s car – I was driving at the time ) and demanded the Jellicle and/or FJ get out and grab me the rather fantastic bottle I had seen discarded at the recycling point in Hala. The Jellicle moaned and they all laughed at me.

I made up a bottle garden that made Mum jealous and for a long while it was in the living room but it didn’t really get enough light there. For a while it had in it spider plants split by The Blue Cat and Tarot Pupil, I think they died through poor light. The Princess and I bought Mum a variety of terraria which she’s enjoyed.

Then Samaritan turned up with an aloe plant and I brought it up to my room so I could look at it from bed. I’ve not really paid much attention to my poor bottle garden since. Lately Beautiful Lute has had a bit of a thing for terrariums and I found myself looking over at the Bottle Garden which cheered me up a lot during my more bedridden fatigue days. The aloe is far too big for the bottle so I resolved to repot it.

I’ve put it in the bathroom for now in the hopes it’ll enjoy the humidity.

My Aloe Vera Plant

It’s taken a bit longer than anticipated to clear out the debris from the garden and I want to put an activated charcoal layer in too. But I did pick up some cheap plants in the sale at Barton Grange so I’m feeling perky about it. I’ve even got a little storyline for the models going back into it (and into it for the first time).

My cleared out bottle garden

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