Clap for Carers

Tonight at 8pm, in common with an awful lot of people on my street I came to my window and clapped. I didn’t come to my door in case next door did as the front doors are right next to each other.

There was a shout of “pay the NHS”, I’m given to understand that across the country it wasn’t the only one.

It was a nice moment.

It felt a little like I’ve imagined playing football in no-man’s land might have done. Right now we’re solid and ‘in this together’, tomorrow will people start dying in ever increasing amounts?

It was a good moment, I’ve painted a rainbow for my window and I’m planning a bear tableaux for the window for any kids who want to enjoy going on a bear hunt. But, these good moments are before it gets bad I think.

The first person close to me has to get a coronavirus test tomorrow and today I went to a hospital through work.

I have a rainbow in my window and tonight I applauded the nurses who surrounded me this morning in their rubber gloves, face masks and plastic aprons.

It was a good moment.

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