I love the game I run for my antipodean friends but I do not love the time difference.

I love the buzz that GMing gives me, there is a great deal of fun in creating stories with your friends. I started out a shared narrative roleplayer, tomorrow I’m DMing Dungeons and Dragons so that’s a whole other style, tomorrow it’s a game over a story. Just about.

Today I also managed to organise a virtual pagan ritual which went pretty well. It was working with Brigid partly because I’ve worked with her before but partly because she’s a Goddess of Healing and the Folkestone Pagans did a gorgeous Live ritual with her the other week so I felt inspired.

I will likely do another pagan thing (it may well be a while before I do another pub quiz, thinking about my organising things) but I think I need to come closer to home. I work regularly with a goddess of healing although she’s more complex? involved? I’m not sure of the right word. She definitely requires more thought than the fairly simple Brigid ritual I put together today.

It’s been a good day even if it is past midnight and I’m knackered.

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