Socially Distanced

I have been and am very lucky. I’m very social as standard, I have a lot of friendly acquaintances and friends and I honestly haven’t found this lockdown to be an isolating experience.

Dad dying did completely shut me down, there appeared at least three people at my door bearing gifts and cards and flowers in the post. So whilst I laid on the sofa doing nothing for about a month I didn’t find it isolating. Admittedly my darling Jellicle Cat is a huge part of that.

But there are so many people who are (usually distinctly less geeky than I am) feeling completely rocked by socialising online.

I’m finding it relieving and I’m doing new things, that’s usually what excites me, meeting new people and doing new things. I guess I’m trying to balance guilting over people who aren’t managing so well and sinking into the relief of the social situations online.

I almost don’t feel distanced at all.

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