Stages of Grief

That stages of grief woman got the emotions bang on. I seem to be rapidly cycling through them some days and other weeks floating through different ones much longer.

What is really helping though is my having taken LSD. Not recently, but in the past. (Seriously it was hard already to get hold of it, in a pandemic – bloody impossible.) The understanding of time, relations and how the world interacts that my trips have given me are really really helping me in how I’m processing this.

That’s not something I could recommend people to do though. Every trip is unique and every time I’ve had a good co-pilot. I still wish dropping it in the water supply would automatically make everyone open their consciousness and gain deeper understanding of themselves and their own emotions and way of rippling through the world.

I think the amount that that particular drug is self-reflective is what makes me so enthusiastic about it. That and it’s influence on my comprehension of matters of spirituality. My Dad is dead, but time isn’t linear, my Dad is always with me.

I started today with anger, think I might’ve cycled round to acceptance. Wonder where I’ll be tomorrow?

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