Managed to park without issue in central Manchester today – yes it’s a ridiculous thing to be proud of but I am.

For a bit over two weeks now my heart has hurt, I guess I wondered if it would show up on the reading; it didn’t because of course it’s psychological pain not physical. My ECG for all my family history of heart problems says that mine is doing fine, it’s pumping blood and doing all the cardiovascular things you could want it to.

So I’m one step closer to figuring out medication to make my brain work a bit better. The other thing I’m wondering is if I’ll need to drink less coffee, I suspect the caffeine may well be me self-medding so the answer is probably yes.

I think I would like to not break myself next year, if I can get through this one I want to be all stuck together kintsugi style and then wrap myself in lots of bubble wrap afterwards.

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