Sex Toy Review

(Content Warning: This is a full and frank description of my latest sex toy purchase. If it makes you uncomfortable to read about me masturbating then please don’t read on.)

The same friend as suggested I buy a knock-off womaniser had me spend money on a vibrator that’s normally over a hundred quid. I am now the proud owner of an Enigma Cruise, it’s essentially got the suction action of the womaniser but with a small amount of penetration.

This one has me genuinely questioning if I would actually have spent full price on it. It’s very, very good.

Once again I made sure to fully charge it up before using it and now having used it a couple of times I can say that there’s a huge difference between fully charged and not, it’s getting plugged in after every use.

As with the womaniser, there’s that sensation that the clitoral stimulation is pulling an orgasm out of me whether I want it or not, and when it’s fully charged then it is fast.

When it comes to sex I’m a big fan of penetration but I tend to be all about the clitoris when it comes to masturbation, and I am aware I’m really not alone in that as a woman. It has always been, despite my Annie Sprinkle inspired experiments, easier for me to orgasm when my clit is involved, hell that was a big reason behind the piercing. However, the clitoris is a big organ and I’m getting more and more certain about where it strokes my vagina internally, and honestly that little bit of penetrative vibration is a really welcome addition.

Having mentioned my piercing I should likely point out that there aren’t any options (as there are with the womaniser) to accomodate a longer clit or (in my case) the stretch that a clitoral piercing with barbells gives you. However, my knock-off womaniser has taught me a lot when it comes to angling. Direct stimulation for too long with the suction action on the piercing is unpleasant and slightly numbing but the right angle along with the vibration inside and this thing feels like its tearing an orgasm from me. That makes me sound almost unwilling and believe me I’m not, but there is a sensation that I’m not entirely in control of when I’m cumming, again I like this, if I want complete control then I’ll use my fingers or a bullet but this sensation of ‘I can’t help myself’ is something that I never get on my own, that’s always been with a skilled partner/partners and its comepletely delightful.

I love it. 10/10 on this sex toy.

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