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My Goals for 2021

Goals, there are things that I want to get done and it seems like I am truly excellent at covering these things over with tasks upon tasks upon tasks. Then I look at the mountain and curl up in bed. I am not entirely coninced this is simply The Swamp, I am making such progress … Read More

My New Years Resolutions

I was doing so well with the swimming and then Pandemic. 1. To write every day (almost managed this and then bereavement left me unable to do basically anything last year) 2. To swim every week, but before swimming pools open I will walk 70,000 steps instead. 3. To keep up with my Noom membership … Read More

Le Weekend Dernier

Le week-end dernier, je suis allée à une boum! Mais, c’est ne pas correct. J’ai organisé une fête! C’etait en ligne. J’ai utilisé Discord et j’aime bien les resultes. Beaucoup des personnes attendes et j’ai été surpris parce que c’est un peu difficile d’assister d’une soirée enligne. Ma soeur et new neveux attends avec mon … Read More

Me and MakeUp

I have a particular relationship with makeup. I am absolutely fascinated by it, I used to nick my cousins make-up when I was a kid, probably because I wasn’t allowed any when I was that young. (She’s a year older than me). Maybe just because I was an annoying kid. I had one of those … Read More