Wednesday’s are one of my favourite days of the week. I get to see MiL (assuming she or I haven’t flaked due to ill health or gaming commitments, seriously those are the two things we most often do instead). Lately we’ve been playing Seven Days to Die together which has been fun as she and … Read More

La Mort De Staline

Hier, je suis allé au cinéma pour voir la mort de Staline. C’était tres drôle. Je passé beaucoup du filme jouer réparer la comedian. Il y avait tellement des visages! Michael Palin était parfait, mais j’ai particulièrement aimé les scenes avec lui, Paul Whitehouse et Steve Buscemi. Cela pourrait être en partie parce qu’ils sont … Read More


Generally speaking I’m quite a content person. I suffer from Depression and have a cynical inner voice who I find very funny. Sometimes, and I suspect it is because my default is to be happy, I’m criticised for looking after my own physical and mental health rather than bending over backwards to help others with … Read More


Yesterday I felt on top of the world, today I got home after work and immediately grabbed the paracetamol. It feels as if someone is running a vibrating knitting needle from just below my occipital lobe right through to just above my right eye. I have tried drinking water, laying down, I half thought it … Read More