Caught Out

I am currently working through therapy in a trauma group. I’m desperately trying to process far too many emotions after really only opening them up last year. I’m unwell in some unspecified way and I’m pursuing diagnosis for mental health treatment on top of everything else. I am normally pretty chill about men’s physicality. A … Read More


I have had nightmares on and off throughout my life. Usually when I haven’t realised what I’m stressed about sometimes when I have. Last night my subconscious was spectacular. It took the nightmare from last year and the pedestrian getting hit by the car from last week and combined them. Then I was seducing a … Read More

Pretty Poly

The thing that I do love about polyamory, that I’ve loved since before the Jellicle and I started this weird loving journey of ours is how each love adds to the loves you already have. How learning to love another person, understanding and building that language with them means you add to the language you … Read More

Group Therapy

Last year I had a traumatic experience. I had more than one if I want to get granular but honestly since seeing the girl who attempted suicide I feel like all the negatives in my life have been turned up to eleven. Realistically what’s happening is I feel like everything is more negative and I … Read More

My Job

My job is stressful. But the thing is, the way I do my job is stressful. I can’t seem to explain why I need to not do my job the way I do because I’m not paid enough to do it the way I do. It comes across as materialistic and it’s not exactly, it’s … Read More