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My Weekend and Other Spoon Spends

I had a long weekend, supposedly.  It currently doesn’t feel like it. I ended up not working on Friday, which was LOVELY, but then I was so damned tired I didn’t get anything done that I wanted to. The Jellicle was away seeing Imp in The Straight Place so it was just me and Weasel … Read More

My First Day At School

If you don’t believe me then chances are I’m telling the truth. I’m a great story teller, I have a lot of them and I exagerate and emphasise and all the rest of it and people enjoy my stories but I have noticed that when I just tell people things as they happen or have … Read More

My First Memory

My first memory isn’t really, I suspect, a memory any more. It’s more the memory of a memory. I have revisited it time and again over the past thirty two (almost) years, ever since someone when I was about six told me that they couldn’t remember anything before they were ten. That completely freaked me … Read More